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24 products available

  • Sprayfo Yellow

    Sprayfo Yellow; for high growth and solid feed intake

  • Selko®-4Health

    Selko®-4Health is a synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids combined with medium-chain fatty acids. The free acids in Selko-4Health make the product particularly effective in reducing pH of water. It also supports digestion by reducing stomach pH more quickly after ingestion of feed. Selko-4Health may improve gut health and technical performance. 

  • Sprayfo Blue

    Sprayfo blue; for growth and proven results

  • Farm-O-San AHS

    Farm-O-San AHS is a mineral feed for poultry and contains electrolytes and vitamin C to maintain normal production when temperature is elevated.

  • Farm-O-San PowerFit

    Farm-O-San PowerFit is a dietetic complementary feed for calves up to 6 months of age providing stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance.

  • Selko-Herbiphorm

    Selko® Herbiphorm is used to stabilize and preserve silage used for ruminant feeding. . It reduces spoilage due to the development of micro-organism such as yeast, moulds and Enterobacteria in the first period of ensiling, supporting lactic acid bacteria production and assisting preservation of the silage.

  • Farm-O-San Fly Bucket

    Farm-O-San Fly Bucket is a mineral feed for cattle, horses, sheep and goats and contains garlic extracts, repelling flies due to its specific odour.

  • Fysal® Feed

    Fysal® Feed is an innovative product that improves Enterobacteria reduction in high buffer capacity materials such as layer feed. This makes Fysal Feed a more efficient solution compared to non-corrosive products.

  • Presan®-FY

    Presan®-FY is a synergistic blend of a phenolic compound, slow release C12, target release butyrates, MCFAs and organic acids. It may stabilise the gut microbiota and boosts the gut barrier integrity of poultry. This integrated approach is a powerful formula designed to improve animal performance.

  • Farm-O-San Colostrum

    Farm-O-San Colostrum is feed material for newborn ruminants. It is a natural colostrum replacer for calves, lambs and goat kids.