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  • Selko-Herbiphorm

    Selko® Herbiphorm is used to stabilize and preserve silage used for ruminant feeding. . It reduces spoilage due to the development of micro-organism such as yeast, moulds and Enterobacteria in the first period of ensiling, supporting lactic acid bacteria production and assisting preservation of the silage.

  • Farm-O-San Fly Bucket

    Farm-O-San Fly Bucket is a mineral feed for cattle, horses, sheep and goats and contains garlic extracts, repelling flies due to its specific odour.

  • Selko®-TMR

    Selko®-TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a combination feed consisting of concentrate and roughage mixed together in a feed mixer wagon. Microorganisms that are present in TMR at any stage from silage cutting to consumption can very rapidly cause aerobic fermentation. Our research has shown that a very wide range of yeasts can be present in feed. These yeasts multiply at tremendous speeds, causing aerobic fermentation in the roughage.

  • Optimin-SeY

    Selenium deficiency is often first seen as a reduced resistance to stress and ineffective immune response. Optimin®-SeY helps to maintain a good selenium status and supports the animal in building a safe reserve of selenomethionine, which is essential for healthy development and good disease resistance

  • TOXO®

    TOXO® helps livestock producers to reduce mycotoxin contamination in feeds and raw materials. TOXO is specifically designed for ruminants and offers an integrated solution against Aflatoxins, Fumonisins, DON and ZEA produced by moulds. Ruminants deal with mycotoxins in a different way from monogastrics, due to their rumen microbial activity. TOXO contains multiple components that are compatible with rumen functioning and contribute to maintaining animal performance during exposure to mycotoxins.

  • TNIbetain

    TNIbetain supports several metabolic processes including osmoregulation.