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  • Selko-Herbiphorm

    Selko® Herbiphorm is used to stabilize and preserve silage used for ruminant feeding. . It reduces spoilage due to the development of micro-organism such as yeast, moulds and Enterobacteria in the first period of ensiling, supporting lactic acid bacteria production and assisting preservation of the silage.

  • Selko®-TMR

    Selko®-TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a combination feed consisting of concentrate and roughage mixed together in a feed mixer wagon. Microorganisms that are present in TMR at any stage from silage cutting to consumption can very rapidly cause aerobic fermentation. Our research has shown that a very wide range of yeasts can be present in feed. These yeasts multiply at tremendous speeds, causing aerobic fermentation in the roughage.

  • Farm-O-San Fly Bucket

    Farm-O-San Fly Bucket is a mineral feed for cattle, horses, sheep and goats and contains garlic extracts, repelling flies due to its specific odour.

  • Optimin-SeY

    Selenium deficiency is often first seen as a reduced resistance to stress and ineffective immune response. Optimin®-SeY helps to maintain a good selenium status and supports the animal in building a safe reserve of selenomethionine, which is essential for healthy development and good disease resistance

  • TNIbetain

    TNIbetain supports several metabolic processes including osmoregulation.